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Working with the Public Sector to reach the Digitally Excluded through accessible Local TV platforms.

Our unique proposition is broadcasting your message directly into the homes of your audience via Freeview Channel 7.


In partnership with the Public Sector, we specialise in supporting Government initiatives for a healthier population, providing creative solutions to complex challenges. Broadcasting across 9 Local TV regions on Freeview channel 7, we are in a unique position to reach digitally excluded and underprivileged, hard to reach audiences, directly into their homes.

We skilfully create content solutions designed specifically to overcome complex challenges. We produce public information messaging in short form explainer video format focusing on the CAUSE; whether it be health, mental wellbeing, obesity, dementia, clean air or protecting the legacy of the Commonwealth Games. We operate with an innovative resourcefulness to reach the under represented.

The programming we have broadcast so far has supported social prescribing and has included exercise, arts & crafts, dance, local community groups and more. Filming local people in easily recognisable local areas creates deeper engagement for audiences as they can relate to what they see on screen. We support those tasked with tackling areas of concern in local regions such as loneliness, depression, anxiety, health inequality and dementia.

As Local TV we are there to serve local communities by getting involved with their local groups and schools - something that the local residents love to get involved with so is a really strong driver of engagement! We have found that this is a really innovative way to reach local audiences & communities who really love to take part.

Case Studies

Move Durham

Durham County Council commissioned a campaign in line with the Government’s advice on keeping active. The objective was to target the digitally excluded and to offer an accessible alternative for those who feel uncomfortable joining local community groups. Local TV produced 1 x daily 4 minute exercise show, which was repeated a further 5 times throughout the day. The 3 month long series contained a number of low impact exercises which can be easily carried out from home, without specialist equipment. A 30 minute round up show was also broadcast each Friday which combined all exercises from Monday – Thursday episodes.

Campaign details: 4 x 4 min episodes per week (1 per day Mon- Thurs) broadcast 6 times a day over 3 months. Round up show @ 22 minutes every Friday.

Gateshead Older People’s Assembly, Keeping Well at Home

As we went into the first lockdown we worked with GOPA on a short form exercise programme targeting older people who are digitally excluded. Using both female and male fitness instructors, filming from easily recognisable locations in and around Gateshead showcasing low impact exercise easily achievable at home.

Campaign details: 5 x 4 min episodes per week (1 per day) broadcast 6 times a day over 3 month

Public Health South Tees, Keeping Well at Home

Targeting older people during the pandemic and broadcast on North East Live (Freeview channel 7). Local TV used Public Health experts to demonstrate low impact exercise such as T’ai Chi along with tips on emotional wellbeing and nutrition. 1 x 4 minute episode Monday – Friday repeated a further 5 times over a 6 month period Campaign details: 5 x 4 min episodes per week (1 per day) broadcast 5 times a day over 6 months

Holiday Activity Fund, Easter content: The Get Up and Go Show

10 hours of programming during the second week of the Easter holidays 2021 whilst in lockdown. Tuesday – Friday targeting children of school age. Early years at breakfast, 8-12 year olds at lunchtime & 13-16 year olds early evening. The programming included storytelling, arts & crafts, emotional wellbeing, yoga, animal facts, cooking nutritious meals and much more. 9 local authorities across the North East were involved.

Campaign details: 2.5 hours per day over 4 days. Tues – Friday 2nd week Easter Holidays. 1 hour each morning. 30 mins at lunchtime & 1 hour evening each day.

Active 30 In line with the governments recommendation of 30 minutes exercise during the school day and 30 minutes at home Active 30 Durham are working with North East Live TV, County Durham Sport, Durham CC and over 80 schools to deliver Active Blasts through local programming on North East Live TV. 2 x 10 minute shows per day at lunchtime and early evening. As children from participating schools are involved in the programming this really drives engagement as they are keen to tell their families and friends they are on TV. A 6 month campaign which involves feedback from the schools involved which will be received after the Easter break.

Campaign details: 2 x 10 minute episodes broadcast 2 times a day Monday – Friday over 9 months

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